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In our lives


Okay, this is so ironic because the song Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé is playing. I have recently had a falling out with a long time friend, and another friendship, who was my lifeline for a long time, has started to show a side of herself that I have not seen since the beginning of our friendship about a year ago. A few days ago, we had a huge blow out, and I started to wonder about relationships of every kind whether they be friendships, family, romantic relationships, sexual relationships, or any kind of social interaction. Why do those people come into our lives? Are they supposed to only be in our lives for a certain amount of time, or are they supposed to stay in our lives forever, and the world uses it as a test? I have personally been working on making an effort to meet and sustain the interactions that I have with people, while at the same time uncluttering the relationships that I feel are toxic for me. Are we supposed to do this though? Are we supposed to make personally executive decisions not to be in contact with certain people that have come into our life. Is there a way of knowing if these people are a temptation or a God-send so to speak? Are there tests made by the world for social interaction? For example, someone makes small talk with one in the elevator. Are you supposed to think that there is more to that person, or perhaps that there is less to that person? Is there an innate instinct deeply en rooted in the human genetic make-up that lets one know when to proceed further in any kind of relationship, or is this a constant struggle for humans? If it is innate, then I must be later in the evolutionary or spiritual process than my other human counterparts…