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Dreaded Interview Question


This past summer, I learned about a concept that I wish I would have known about before: the quarter-life crisis. Had I known what this was before, perhaps I would not be feeling like I am now. You see, a few days ago I had a fleeting thought about who I truly was. If one was to look at any of my profiles, one would see that I am from a small town, who went to a small university, for psychology with a women’s studies minor. They would see that I am now closing on graduating and that I have some major plans to figure out with my boyfriend of more than four years. Their is absolutely nothing fantastic about that profile. Many people my age are enrolled in school , are in a relationship, and are making plans for the future.

This brings me to my question. If I were at an interview for a job, and the interviewer asked me who I was besides on this résumé, what would I say. Who am I? What weaknesses and strengths do I have? How does anyone answer that question? I guess that I would say that I am a very nice and empathetic person who can handle a lot of conflicts from people, Besides those four (pathetic) traits, who am I?

I’m not a rebel. I do not do daring things or push the envelope. I am not edgy or avante garde. Sure, I own some Beatles, Paramore, and Marilyn Monroe shirts, but who doesn’t? I don’t think that classifies me as a rebel.

I’m not a goody-two shoes either. I don’t have ruby red slippers and a blue plaid dress in my closet. Okay. I do have a very dorathy-ish dress in my closet, but I digress. I can still stir things up and raise hell when I need to, want to, or am bored.

I’m not really hard working compared to other students I know. Sure, I tutor three hours a week, maintain a decent GPA and have nice qualities to put on my résumé, but that doesn’t exactly define who I am.

When this question first popped into my head, my initial reaction was that I am a chicken. I always play it safe. I don’t raise too much hell, and I’m not exactly noticeable. I fly under the radar, get done what I need to and make sure that there is a little time left for me to rewind before it all begins again. I love tea, knitting, reading, baking, and the 20’s. Based on those traits, one would thing that I am a very stay-at-home-mom type. Hello women’s studies credits? That doesn’t scream me either.

So who am I? Does anybody know who they are? Do I just over think this, or should I be concerned that I don’t exactly have an identity? The problem is, as soon as I give myself an identity, I will feel like I am being put into a box and people try to do that to me enough as it is. There is a helluva lot more to me than four corners, I don’t exactly fit into anyone category or stereotype, and while I am not afraid of that (like I feel some people are), I would not know how to answer that dreaded question in an interview…